Cross-posts tweets and blog posts to your Google Plus circles automatically

Unfortunately TwooglePlus has been disabled until Google release a public API that supports posting to Google+ circles. TwooglePlus worked by using subscriber Google account credentials to post. The risk with this approach is that there is always a possibility that these credentials might be exposed somehow, no matter how secure the server and software. For many (most?) people having their Google Account hacked is a catastrophic event. Its just not worth the risk for a free cross-posting service. All Google account credentials have been removed from the database.

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  • Cross-post from multiple Twitter accounts
  • Cross-post from Wordpress and other blogs with RSS or Atom feeds
  • Cross-post to any number of Google Plus circles
  • Only post tweets or blog posts containing #g (optional)
  • Un-shorten links in tweets and blog posts (optional)
  • Remove tracking tokens from un-shortened links (optional)
  • Automated online service, just signup and it works!